A lab manual explaining the classification and comparison of chordates

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A lab manual explaining the classification and comparison of chordates

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A lab manual explaining the classification and comparison of chordates

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Links to all kinds of animals, insects, birds, sea life. These are the lectures of lab manual of Zoology. Key important points are: Introduction to Chordates, Vertebrate Zoo, Preliminary Work, Display Models, Characteristics of the Chordates, Subphylum Urochordata, Urochordata Specimens, Subphylum Cephalochordata, External Anatomy, Specimen of Amphioxus.

The objective of this lab is to observe all of the provided chordates and vertebrates and describe them in the lab including a picture. Students are to know and understand the characteristics of each group and what makes them unique. Chordates. The diagram below shows evolutionary relationships among the major clades of chordates but avoids classification into subphylum and classes.

For example, the close relationship between Myxini and the rest of the vertebrates can be seen even though there is uncertainty in the classification of Myxini.

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