An analysis of the concept of arranged marriage in the american society

The Reformation and the Reform of Marriage: The lax authority of both the spiritual and the temporal swords has given rise to so many dreadful abuses and false situations, that I would much prefer neither to look into the matter, nor to hear of it.

An analysis of the concept of arranged marriage in the american society

Greta and I -- and the kids -- had fun watching the movie Bride and Prejudicewhich told the story of Jane Austen's renowned novel Pride and Prejudice, only Bollywood style: As in the novel, her parents wanted her to marry for long-term companionship and security, not flash-in-the pan romantic love.

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While arranged marriages seem a quaint relic in twenty-first century America, they are still quite common in much of the world. So, do people from regions which prefer arranged marriages "love" differently than people from places where individuals choose their own mates?

Psychologists since Freud have attempted to classify the differences between the stable, practical "love" of arranged marriages and the passionate, intense "love" of teenage flings and grown-up affairs.

InSternberg created a scale to measure the concept of companionante love "a warm feeling of affection and tenderness that people feel for those with whom their lives are deeply connected". InHatfield and Rapson developed the Passionate Love Scale, measuring "a hot intense emotion that is characterized as a state of intense longing for union with another.

An analysis of the concept of arranged marriage in the american society

Like love, happiness can be divided into two types: Kim and Hatfield predicted that survey respondents who had high levels of companionate love would also have high life satisfaction, and those with high passionate love would have more positive emotions.

Further, they predicted that Koreans would have larger correlations between companionate love and life satisfaction than Americans, while Americans would have larger correlations between passionate love and positive emotions than Koreans.

Two hundred and seventeen students in the U. So passionate lovers tended to be happier on an immediate emotional level, while companionate lovers tended to be happier on a long-term, life satisfaction level.

But Kim and Hatfield found no significant differences between the cultures in the relationship between love and happiness. Koreans didn't appear to favor companionate love, and Americans didn't seem to favor passionate love.

In fact, the only such relationship they did find was with gender: Kim and Hatfield believe that the lack of a difference between the U.

Perhaps if this study had been conducted a few decades earlier, the results would have been different.

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Love types and subjective well-being: Social Behavior and Personality, 32 2ues are overwhelming in the society, enhancing female status may change fertility decisions. those who had arranged marriage (Remez, ). The aspiration of children number is an indicator for the fertility For instance, in cultural influence between North African and European-American .

Love and Marriage. By D’Vera Cohn. Americans believe that love is the main foundation of marriage. Most who never have been married say they would like to be at some point in their lives.

John Rawls (b. , d. ) was an American political philosopher in the liberal tradition. His theory of justice as fairness describes a society of free citizens holding equal basic rights and cooperating within an egalitarian economic system.

Study Sociology Final EXAM flashcards from Jenaye B. on StudyBlue. When the family is called the backbone of society, the metaphor means that family struggles under many burdens.

An analysis of the concept of arranged marriage in the american society

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Since gay marriage was legalized in the American public has seen that the slippery slope from legal gay marriage to trannies in girls locker rooms to troubled children given hormone blockers is real.

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