Case study perrier chapter 6

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Case study perrier chapter 6

When is it time to leave active practice? The following is the third in a series of excerpts from Being Well and Staying Competent: The complete document is posted on the American College of Surgeons members-only portal at www.

Unlike some other professions, surgery has no mandated or commonly accepted retirement age. In recent decades, surgeon age as a marker of performance has been the subject of much debate and some scholarly research.

How does the aging process affect surgical skills and judgment? Do the changes associated with aging occur uniformly in all surgeons?

Learning Objectives

Is self-evaluation of skills and judgment reliable? Is objective assessment of surgical skills and judgment feasible or practical? What options are available for the surgeon who is considering a change of practice? Nonetheless, the number of trained general surgeons relative to a growing and increasingly aging population is on the decline, and a mandatory retirement age for surgeons would likely exacerbate Case study perrier chapter 6 shortage.

In direct contrast to the ADEA, numerous professionals are subject to mandatory retirement ageā€”most notably air traffic controllers, airline pilots, Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, and other federal law enforcement officers. Specific cognitive testing of surgeons, however, showed that the decline in reaction time was less than that of comparison groups and most practicing surgeons older than age 60 performed comparably to younger colleagues in all areas of cognitive testing.

In a study of surgeons, subjective perception of cognitive changes did not correlate well with objective assessments. Hence, these assessments are of little help for planning purposes.

The profession must be able to assure patients that their surgeons are trained to deliver safe care.

Case study perrier chapter 6

The profession must also be able to prove that it has developed thoughtful, proactive, logical policies or risk the imposition of external regulation. Available data support the claim that age alone is an inadequate criterion for determining when an individual should retire.

Considering the fact that personal health care issues may contribute to the decline of cognitive and technical skills, periodic medical evaluation is an essential part of the assessment.

Missing The Diagnosis: The Hidden Medical Causes of Mental Disorders by William Matteson, Ph.D.

Whereas the individual surgeon may fail to recognize or may deny diminishing skills, peer evaluation by direct observation also is important. Case review may be insufficient to evaluate subtle changes in decision making or waning technical abilities.

It is also essential that these appraisals be applied equally and be carried out in a confidential manner that maintains the dignity of the surgeon. For the surgeon who would like to continue to be engaged in surgical practice, assisting in operations, focusing on an office-based or an academic practice, staffing clinics, and rounding on clinical services are activities that offer the opportunity to stay involved with reduced work hours and flexible scheduling.

Another vital role for the senior surgeon is mentoring junior colleagues, ranging from offering informal advice to developing a departmentally defined relationship. The authors further recommend that surgeons seek professional guidance at the start of and throughout clinical practice to plan financially for retirement.

Recent economic downturns have adversely affected retirement planning for many individuals, making careful preparation all the more important. Although many surgeons do pay close attention to the financial aspects of retirement, some of them give less consideration to planning for meaningful activities to pursue once the decision to retire is made.

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