Cause traffic accidents essay

Problem solution essay Traffic Accidents One of the greatest problems that our communities are facing today are traffic accidents. Nowadays, there are many traffic accidents that happen daily. Worldwide, averages of seventeen people are killed in these traffic accidents every minute.

Cause traffic accidents essay

What Are the Causes of Traffic Congestion? Everyone has experienced traffic congestion, and everyone has been bothered by it.

Some of the causes of traffic congestion are recurring, some non-recurring; but most of the causes are preventable. Non-Recurring Traffic Congestion Some of the non-recurring causes of traffic congestion include incidents like car accidents or disabled vehicles, work zones, bad weather, special events, and emergencies.

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Not only do detours cause congestion, but work zones, bad weather, and special events often require a significant reduction in the speed limit. Work zone congestion can be solved by reducing the number of work zones occurring at any one time, and reducing the duration of those work zones.

There is no way to prevent bad weather, but implementing a plan to manage the roads and provide alternate routes can help the situation. Technology's Potential The DOT is dedicated to improving traffic safety and reliability with the use of available technology.

Cause traffic accidents essay

It suggests the use of advanced signals, traveler information and updates in real time, ramp metering, and better management for weather and emergency evacuation management. Rather than waiting until there is an incident, DOT also feels that technology should be used to be more proactive when it comes to traffic congestion.

Effects of Traffic Congestion Traffic congestion affects everyone at some point, whether it has caused you to be late for work or to get lost due to a road being closed. When people are forced to make sudden stops, swerve out of the way of construction zones or potholes, or rush to get somewhere in bad weather, accidents are more likely to occur.

She is a Special Education teacher and is completing her master's degree in education June She is a certified editor with a bachelor's degree in English from Northeastern University.Lack of discipline of the driver, refusal to follow traffic rules, lack of experience and licensing older drivers also may be a cause of these accidents.

Road accidents involving children has become a major cause for concern around the world. Essay on Risk Factors for Motor Vehicle Accidents - A motor vehicle accident (MVA) is any crash occurring on a road between one or more motor vehicles, including cars, motorbikes, scooters, trucks, buses, or pedestrians on public roads (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, ).

Traffic jams caused by tollbooths, accidents and rubbernecking rank high on the list of ways to ruin a summer vacation, but for sheer exasperation, it's hard to beat congestion that has no visible cause. Traffic problems essay: This is a traffic problems essay and the specific topic is the taxing of car drivers in order to reduce these problems.

You are asked to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of introducing such a policy to tackle the issue. Blake Crews Eng 3 10/1/12 Cause and Effect Essay Is It Worth The Risk?

There are many factors that can lead to traffic accidents. Irresponsible and careless actions of drivers, inclement weather and distracted driving are three major factors.

The most dangerous and serious problem Americans deal with is accidents on the road. In the essay I will discuss the causes of car accidents.. Essays Related to Causes and Effect of Car Accidents. 1. has a higher chance of causing an accident, as does any other distraction.

Cause traffic accidents essay

The question is, how often do they cause accidents? From /5(18).

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