Dangers of deforestation to the environment and to human life

With each plant and animal species that disappears, a precious part of creation is callously erased. The growth of human populations, consumption levels, and mobility is the root of most of the serious threats to biodiversity today.

Dangers of deforestation to the environment and to human life

The Global Impact Rainforest, Brazil. From the documentary film Revolution. If we lose our forests faster than they can regenerate, we will lose a large source of climate control that is essential for the balance of life on the planet, forest fires will release massive carbon dioxide into the air, global warming will increase, our oceans will become more acidic and we will lose much of our needed biodiversity.

Our forests are essential and must be protected. We need Trees for Oxygen We all know how essential photosynthesis is — forests especially play a vital role. Forests absorb carbon dioxide during photosynthesis; trees store the carbon and then produce oxygen. The oxygen produced by forests is essential to human life.

The trees in the Amazon forests alone, store 60 to 80 billion tonnes of carbon dioxide. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. South America lost 40 million hectares of forest between and —an area four times the size of Iceland.

Effect of deforestation on wild animals Forest include trees, shrubs and grass, this is part of ecosystem and food for wildlife animals Forest generate rain which is source of water for wildlife Forest is home to birds and fruits for birds Forest. Some is caused by a combination of human and natural factors like wildfires and subsequent overgrazing, which may prevent the growth of young trees. Effects of . Burning of fossil fuels, deforestation for agriculture, and industrial activities have pushed up atmospheric CO2 concentrations from parts per million (ppm) years ago, to about ppm today.

Global Forest Resources Assessment Carbon dioxide has a life of 50 to years in our atmosphere. As ofour forests globally stored billion tonnes of carbon. Deforestation through the burning of forests for agriculture and livestock, contributes 17 percent of our greenhouse gases.

At 45 percent, the top global carbon dioxide contributor is our use of energy. The industrial and residential burning of coal, natural gas and oil for electricity and heat are releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Ocean Acidification Pygmy Seahorse With increased carbon dioxide levels from deforestation and burning of fossils fuels, the oceans are becoming more acidic—already 30 percent more acidic than before the Industrial Revolution—endangering the survival of ocean species and ecosystems.

Oceans absorb carbon dioxide in the air; however, the increased carbon dioxide levels from deforestation and burning of fossils fuels, is causing our oceans to become more acidic.

Oceans are already 30 percent more acidic since the Industrial Revolution— this endangers the survival of ocean species and ecosystems.

Global carbon in atmosphere from human activities equals 4 billion tonnes per year Global carbon forests store 2.

Harmful Effects Of Deforestation

The current rapid loss of species is estimated to be between 1, and 10, times higher than the natural extinction rate. Word Wildlife Fund International. Just a few of the animals being impacted or displaced because of deforestation are the orangutan, the Asian elephant, the giant panda and the chimpanzee.Over the last few years of my life, technology evolved in an abrupt manner.

Dangers of deforestation to the environment and to human life

Science and its inventions over the centuries have made life easier and enjoyable. The future of genetics, neuroscience, and biotechnology bear the potential to transform our world for the better.

Imbalanced biodiversity or depletion of certain species of plants or animals in an area or on the whole planet are attributed to pollution due to dumping, climate change, and deforestation. All of these environmental issues can occur as a chain of events.

The result is deforestation and many animal habitats will be destroyed and companies would not bother to try to fix it back. Mercury is also consumed from the earth and is very hazardous.

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The plastics that are used in making computer monitors contain dangerous flame retardants that can be very toxic when released into the environment. Deforestation includes cutting down trees and burning forest flora.

It is the first link in a chain of environment degradation that includes erosion, climatic change, air pollution and use of wood as fuel. Forests have a huge impact on the environment. The trees help in balancing the oxygen-carbon dioxide balance of the earth, by absorbing carbon dioxide from the environment and releasing oxygen.

Human health is directly linked with the conservation of forests and all of their aspects.” Life is possible because trees and plants absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen by photosynthesis. In other words, they can be considered a natural filter to fight air pollution and global warming.

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