Employee health analysis and improvements

Employee health management programs offered in the US and Massachusetts: Research suggests that health management programs are most effective when they include incentives to promote employee participation and compliance, and when management fully supports the program and provides ongoing promotion and education. Employee health management programs offered in the US and Massachusetts Health management programs, sometimes also called "wellness" or "health promotion" programs, are seen by a majority of large US employers as their top cost management strategy. However, a broad range of programs fit under the "health management" umbrella and success in managing cost is increasingly seen to depend not only on the types of program offered but on the use of effective incentives for employee participation and compliance.

Employee health analysis and improvements

For permission to use where not already granted under a licence please go to http: Kaizen is implemented through practices that enable employees to propose ideas for improvement and solve problems.

The aim of this study is to describe the types of issues and improvement suggestions that hospital employees feel empowered to address through kaizen practices in order to understand when and how kaizen is used in healthcare. Methods We analysed structured kaizen documents containing improvement suggestions that were produced by employees at a Swedish hospital.

Directed content analysis was used to categorise the suggestions into following categories: Compliance to the kaizen template was calculated.

The majority of the kaizen documents addressed simple situations and focused on operational outcomes. The degree of compliance to the kaizen template was high for several items concerning the identification of problems and the proposed solutions, and low for items related to the test and implementation of solutions.

Conclusions There is a need to combine kaizen practices with improvement and innovation practices that help staff and managers to address complex issues, Employee health analysis and improvements as the improvement of clinical care processes.

The limited focus on sociotechnical aspects and the partial compliance to kaizen templates may indicate a limited understanding of the entire kaizen process and of how it relates to the overall organisational goals.

This in turn can hamper the sustainability of kaizen practices and results. A directed content analysis was carried out that was guided by categories and subcategories that were clearly defined.

Employee health analysis and improvements

Data were classified independently by two researchers to foster dependability and credibility in the analysis, and disagreements checked by a third researcher. A design that includes other sources of data eg, interviews and observations would have provided more insights into how kaizen works in practice, such as on the influence of contextual factors.

The focus of this study was constrained to the content of ideas developed through an employee suggestion system; however, the system was part of a wider kaizen approach, and therefore the findings should be prudently transferred to kaizen practices in general.

Introduction The management practice lean has become one of the most commonly used improvement approaches in healthcare. The types of outcomes addressed have mainly focused on operational aspects of performance, while little attention has been paid to sociotechnical aspects, such as employees' health, well-being and creativity.

We specifically focused on the improvement ideas captured through an employee suggestion system at a hospital adopting multiple kaizen practices to support continual improvement.

At the hospital a kaizen programme, which includes the use of an employee suggestion system, for continuous improvement is ongoing since The initial implementation of kaizen was supported by an external consultant that still provides support and assistance, when needed, to the hospital units working with kaizen.

The units provide clinical services as well administrative and support services.

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The units have the autonomy to organise their kaizen practices as they see fit, but the general work process described below is the same for all units. At each unit, employees are encouraged to propose improvement suggestions. The improvement process, that builds on the plan—do—study—act PDSA cycle, 13 is documented in specifically designed kaizen templates figure 1 that are displayed on a wall, visible for all staff members.

The paper template consists of 18 items that address the problem area service level, quality and safety, work environment, and economicsthe description of the problem and the suggestions proposed, the decision on the solution to test and to implement, as well as expected and achieved results.

We will use the term kaizen documents for the filled in kaizen templates.There are many ways to administer employee health services programs. This handbook uses a question and answer format to address the most common administrative issues.

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Employee health analysis and improvements

[email protected]® is an employer-based training program. The ultimate aim of the program is to improve the organizational health of participating employers and certified trainers, with an emphasis on strategies to reduce chronic disease and injury risk to employees and an .

4 Aon Hewitt Trends in Global Employee Engagement Over the past decade, and particularly in the past three years, employers and employees have faced human capital. analysis and preventive measures. When its employee health software vendor announced it would no longer support • Risk Management — Timely distribution of information to managers and employees via OHM has helped improve efforts to limit exposure and maintain employee health.

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