Inovation that changed the world

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Inovation that changed the world

Quoting from the article Victoria greatly discourages the building of Inovation that changed the world farms Hazelwood coal mine fire, February It seems that the Victorian Liberal government are quite happy to have coal mines in this area, even when they are run incompetently, but wind turbines are against the law.

Does the reader see any ethical problems with laws like this?

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There is no rational basis for this legislation other than an apparent desire to stop the development of sustainable energy and thus support the fossil fuel industry ; sound levels should govern how close wind turbines can be to homes.

I have written more about the specifics of the laws on the Victoria wind power page. These seem to have been arbitrarily decided by someone in the Liberal Party and justification for their locations has never been forthcoming see below.

The logic is simple; we must move to renewable energy, wind power is the most practicable of the available options and if the best places to build wind farms are ruled out then they must be built elsewhere at higher prices or you have to go to other, more expensive, forms of renewable energy.

Of course it is the consumers who ultimately pay the bill. Since the guidelines were introduced no new wind farm energy projects have been proposed and the future of several existing projects is in doubt.

There are fears Victoria will miss out on billions of dollars in investment and potentially force up the price of electricity.

Michael Power wrote an article in the Climate Spectator entitled "Coal or wind in your back yard". It states that the new wind farm laws "make it easier to obtain approval for a coal mine than a wind farm in Victoria.

Among Coalition voters, 66 per cent said the state had a responsibility to cut emissions. Victorian rules mystify Danes Denmark has more wind power per capita than any other nation and Denmark is home to Vestas, a wind turbine construction company.

Vestas has built turbine components in Australia in the past, but the sustainable energy industry under the Howard Government was so uncertain that the plant closed-down. Ditlev Engel, chief executive of Danish company Vestas, said he had "no idea" where the policy had come from.

Inovation that changed the world

In Denmark, when you have a wind turbine, in order to get approval, you need to be four times the height of the tip away from a house. The tip height is metres, so the distance from the turbine to where people live has got to be metres. If anyone having a home within 2km of a proposed turbine can veto the construction of that turbine it will be very difficult to build any more wind farms in the state.

Mr Miller wrote of Mr Ramsey: His recent activism has included campaigning against turbines for which he previously held permits. It seems to me that Mr Ramsay has been pressured by the Liberal hierachy, or directly by the fossil-fuel interests that seem to have so much power over the Liberal Party, to change his stance.

Cam Walker has asked Ms Petrovich to justify this claim, given the fact that surveys have shown a high level of popular acceptance for wind power.


Ms Petrovich has not replied. I have asked her to justify her statement, and urge readers to do the same.What is target marketing and what are its advantages? Targeted marketing is an advertising strategy that involves identification of the target market (customers who have the best chance of being interested in your offer), identifying their needs and offering products and services that satisfy their needs.

Ranking innovations is more art than science.


Can you really compare a camera to an airplane? But while progress is incremental, it’s also exponential; it builds on itself. After Clayton M.

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Christensen published “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” in , the business world became obsessed with disruption. Jill Lepore explains how the popular theory was founded: on.

Inovation that changed the world

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