Nightly business report 2003 tyco

And the housing industry continues to see stellar growth. Single-family housing starts reach record levels in November, but experts question whether the industry can keep up the torrid pace. Also tonight, Motorola MOT hopes this man will make the right call. We ask him about his plans to turn around the troubled company.

Nightly business report 2003 tyco

Paul Kangas is off tonight. A setback today for Martha Stewart. Former Merrill Lynch assistant Douglas Faneuil said he illegally passed on a secret stock tip to Stewart just before she sold her shares of ImClone. Faneuil described a conversation he had with Stewart in late when she asked him what was going on with Sam Waksal and ImClone.

He is the case. Prosecutors charge that Stewart and Bacanovic lied to investigators to hide questionable details about the ImClone sale.

nightly business report 2003 tyco

Faneuil went on to detail how Bacanovic, in the weeks following the ImClone sale, pressured him to support two separate explanations for the trade. The judge also allowed the defense to question Faneuil about his use of drugs. The remaining big question in all of this is whether Martha Stewart will take the stand.

Experts say in celebrity trials, in particular, the jury is anxious to hear the celebrity tell her side of the story.

But centrist Democrats believe voters who look closer will find a Clinton- moderate. They are going to learn he is pro-growth, that he is pro-fiscal discipline, that he wants to maintain tax cuts for the middle class. As the former chairman of the Senate Committee on Small Business, Kerry has also shown a special concern for manufacturing.

He has been a strong proponent of the new economy, of investments in innovation, the idea that innovation is now what is really going to fuel robust growth rates, and help generate the high paying jobs. So far, markets have paid little attention to specific Kerry policies, says conservative political analyst Stuart Sweet, but that could change.

Sweet helped organize the Republican convention. He expects Kerry to bounce ahead of Bush in the polls after the Democratic convention in Boston. Overall, Sweet calls Kerry a centrist to left-of-center Democrat. He has not been at the forefront of many of the large fiscal fights.

Well, the Dow appeared gridlocked itself today, although tech stocks were swept lower. Bond prices weakened, with two reports suggesting a strengthening U. Oracle calls this its final price. The higher offer is the second time that Oracle has sweetened its bid for the rival software firm since launching its original offer last June.Jul 14,  · Risks of going to war are examined from an economic perspective on the night George W.

Bush issued his 48 hour ultimatum telling Saddam Hussein to leave Iraq. Safer. Smarter. Tyco.™ ANNUAL REPORT TYCO ANNUAL REPORT. ENHANCING ‘THE STATE OF FUN’ AT SINGAPORE’S SENTOSA Increasingly, Tyco is partnering with customers to simplify the way we do business through the Tyco Business System.

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As an example, we opened a regional service center in Mexico City to. SUSIE GHARIB, NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT ANCHOR: A damaging day for the defense in the case of the government versus Martha Stewart (MSO).

The prosecution`s star witness tells all about Stewart`s sale of ImClone (IMCL) YASTINE, NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT ANCHOR: He . SCOTT GURVEY, NIGHTLY BUSINESS REPORT CORRESPONDENT: There`s a new sheriff in town and by all estimates John Reed will leave his mark on the New York Stock Exchange, even if his reign as interim chief executive is, as he plans, only a few months in duration.

“Nightly Business Report produced by CNBC” (NBR) is an award-winning and highly-respected nightly business news program that airs on public television.

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Television’s longest-running evening business news broadcast, “NBR” features in-depth coverage and analysis of the biggest financial news stories of the day and access to some of the. Tyco International Ltd. provides security products and services, fire protection and detection products and services, valves and controls, and other industrial products worldwide.

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