O identify the key factors that help ensure the information required for the project is gathered suc

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O identify the key factors that help ensure the information required for the project is gathered suc

Feasibility study through design and construction figured out that many intricate factors should be considered by project managers to make healthcare projects successful. Therefore, understanding the criteria for successful delivery of these types of projects is critical for project managers.

Although, evaluating success factors of general construction projects has attracted attentions in recent years, no research has addressed specific nature of healthcare construction projects.

This paper aims to identify success factors of healthcare facility projects by interviewing practitioners who have substantial experience in construction of health care facilities in Iran.

The qualitative nature of the study gives an opportunity to experts to reveal their insights about projects success factors through open-ended interviews. Published by Elsevier Ltd.

Peer-review under responsibility of the organizing committee of the Creative Construction Conference Introduction Construction industry has an important impact on safety, health, environment and society [20]. Success of construction projects have direct effect on mentioned parameters.

One of the problems, in project management, is unawareness of success factors which lead to its failure. All projects have been developed for specific purposes so they could be called successful if they are completed in the scheduled time, as well as in accordance with the planned cost and quality.

So, there is a need to clearly define success factors in construction projects. After defining these factors, the success rate of projects can be measured.

The construction industry has a major role in Iranian economy by generating employment and wealth [2]. No research was conducted in Iran regarding project success factors. While initially project success is measured based on pre-determined factors, these factors could be different during the size and function of projects.

The purpose of this research is to distinguish success factors of healthcare construction projects in Iran.

This article tries to find main reasons of success through interviews with managers and civil engineers with at least 15 years of experience in contracting, consulting and employing companies and assessing them.

Literature Review Several researches have been carried out about success of construction projects in different countries specifically in Europe and Eastern Asia. The study on the success factors of construction projects was first done by Rockart in [15], on the elements which make the real difference between success and failure.

Defining success factors of a project is based on it reaching its goals which should be provided for the participants. Time, cost and quality criteria are widely known as the triangle of project management, while safety, environmental health and technical factors are also improving.

Client satisfaction, proper communication among the elements of project and absence of dispute are factors that can guarantee a project success.

O identify the key factors that help ensure the information required for the project is gathered suc

In academic literature client satisfaction is a variable in project success during last decades in and by the time of completing the project evaluating client satisfaction and project success are very cl ose to each other [2]. A number of researchers have investigated project success factors.

(PDF) Critical success factors in project management: Implication from Vietnam

Among them, Madhooshi can be mentioned, which analyzed the success and failure factors of construction projects and presented a model for predicting success.

Although this model has considerably helped to analyze factors of success, the development of single model for all construction projects is not valid because of differences in size, nature and level of complexity of project the complication of these projects.

For instance, the success factors for road projects are different with the success factors for medical projects that are of the most complex projects and mostly several part contractors are working at the same time needing a more accurate investigation of success factors.

Then, Shokouhinia recognized and evaluated the factors influencing success of oil, gas and petrochemical contractors. He studied the projects of Aria-Petro-Gas Company and presented a model for the success of such types of projects. Piran evaluated and predicted project success by using the indexes of business environment and development model.

He determined the importance of the key factors influencing project success by identifying them. In this direction, Abolhasani studied South Pars the largest gas project in Iran and evaluated the different key factors of the success of project management by using group decision-making technique.

That research was also focused on oil and gas sector.

O identify the key factors that help ensure the information required for the project is gathered suc

The identification and evaluation of the key success factors in the project- based organizations was performed by Dalirpour Regarding the importance of the performance and the position of these organizations in the country and their need to improve and progress, the research was focused on the project-based organizations and not the projects in that research.

In a different attempt, Minaie placed on the agenda the identification and prioritization of the key success factors of mass buildings construction.

In such types of projects, there are many similar and standardized activities, however, less similar activities exist in the medical projects and each part has its special standard.

As it can be seen, the identification and prioritization of the success factors of medical projects is not studied specifically, and doing such a research is necessary more than ever. Research Methodology At the beginning where the existing literature on success factors in projects was studied, the focus was particularly on the resources that identify success factors of health projects in different countries.

Review of literature helped this research to recognize factors of project success in other countries. To focus deeply on the subject and identify its hidden angles of this research, qualitative method has been used. This helps the target of this research which is to recognize success factors in healthcare projects.

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Recommendations Hierarchical regression analysis of success criteria. Belout and Gauvreau
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