South african airline industry determinant attributes

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South african airline industry determinant attributes

Nevertheless, not all countries are an attractive prospect for a new investment. This book presents the attractiveness of the South African airline industry for a new investment penetration by Air Asia.

Methodologically, the analysis presented uses secondary data sources South african airline industry determinant attributes academic journal articles, organisational websites and reports, online newspapers, and various databases.

No assumptions were made while the on going global financial crisis could present a weakness of the analysis as forecasts may defer according to fluctuating global conditions.

To determine its attractiveness, an understanding of the competitive pressures is vital. The five forces model by Porter is a key analytical tool to develop this understanding.

Leading airlines in South Africa SAA is a government-owned national flag carrier of the country and is regarded as one of the largest airlines on the African continent South African Airways, The rationale behind this significant growth is the low pricing strategies adopted by these carriers 1Time, Subsequently, this suggests a growing trend of intense price competition among airlines in South Africa.

Although the high end players highly differentiate their offerings in terms of quality to manoeuvre one another, the fact that customers can now switch between airlines rather easily due to the price comparison online has resulted in high end players having no choice but to abandon some of their more expensive services and provide low-budget alternatives in order to remain competitive Datamonitor, Thus, these events imply a high degree of rivalry in the South African airlines industry.

As entry barriers are lower in a deregulated market, it places the market as an attractive prospect for new entrants Porter, β€” such as Firefly and Jetstar. For instance, the South African Civil Aviation Authority requires an airline company to apply for an operating certificate prior to their establishment in the state.

Unfortunately, this is rather a complex process and creates a problem of generating revenue in the application period Datamonitor, Even if a firm has the capital required, they may face a problem of accessing good distribution channels β€” infrastructure in South Africa is lagging behind the growth in air traffic Datamonitor, In addition, Massango projects the growing problem of congestion at major South African airports.

In addition, the global economic crisis creates a hard time for the airlines industry, including South Africa Datamonitor, Intercity train services in South Africa run between towns - Johannesburg and Durban Datamonitor, Although travelling by train is cheaper, most journeys may go overnight.

Bus operators such as Greyhound and Intercape are found to efficiently run intercity express links across the nation Datamonitor, However, many bus services may arrive at inconvenient times and may also travel overnight. In international travels, there are ships which connect the South African port with neighbouring ports β€” Nigeria and Ghana Datamonitor, Nevertheless, this is rather time consuming.

In contrast, despite the time taken to reach the airport and check in for flights, the overall journey times may be relatively much shorter than the travel substitutes above Datamonitor, abut obviously attached with a slightly higher price. However, with the intense competition in price, air travel may soon be as economically priced as its substitutes.

Nevertheless, the factor of longer and overnight travels may cause a drawback for these substitutes.of brand loyalty in the South African cell phone industry. South African (in press) Kuhn, S.W., Mostert, P.G., & De Meyer, C.F.

South african airline industry determinant attributes

The importance of, and satisfaction with, store attributes among Black Generation Y consumers when relationship formation in the South African domestic passenger airline industry. South African Journal of. It's the least expensive stock in the airlines industry, at 4 times enterprise value to EBITDA (earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization), according to the Wall Street Journal.

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) on Tuesday urged Nigerian airlines to take advantage of the Single African Air Transport Market (SAATM) to expand their operations across the continent. ness Forum in Johannesburg in August, South African Minister of Trade and Industry, Rob Davies said: ’The development of infrastructure In , African airlines recorded their best growth performance since (%).

Howell attributes this to the fact that. 10) Air Austral.


Air Austral is a French airline headquartered at Roland Garros Airport in Sainte-Marie, Reunion. The company has employees and operates scheduled services from Reunion to metropolitan France, South Africa and other destinations in the Indian Ocean.

African airlines had the slowest annual demand growth, up %, although this was a significant improvement over the % annual growth achieved in With capacity up just half as much as traffic, load factor climbed 1 percentage point to %.

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